Rules of the 18th Volta Menorca BTT

The Penya Ciclista Ciutadella (PCC) is in possession of all the necessary authorisations required for the celebration of the Volta Menorca BTT: FCIB, DGT, CIMe, Department of the Environment, City Halls, private property owners, etc.

Qualified for VMBTT registration are all those cyclists of 15 years of age or older, or those who turn 15 in 2024.

Participation is not allowed for any cyclists not previously and officially registered.

The PCC reserves the right to make any changes necessary in the activity programme for the improvement of the event's execution.

Non-compliance with any of the points detailed herein shall authorise event organisers to exclude the infractor from the event.

Please bear in mind that this is a non-competitive event and try to enjoy the natural, landscape and human environment to the fullest. We discourage participants from prioritising the occupation of front positions during the event and remind you to maintain ample distance between riders so as to better enjoy the more technical single-track sections. More experienced and able participants must respect the caution of their riding companions.

Do your very best to keep a positive attitude and stay in a good mood!


The event organising body shall not be held responsible for cyclists that are not present at the point of departure at the indicated time for access to the restricted area of their respective group.

Passing under the arch set up by CIME (Island Council of Menorca) is mandatory at the start and finish of each stage so the chip located in the bib number can correctly register at departure and arrival.

Participants must display their bib number and badge provided by the event at all times during the stages. These items must not be modified or trimmed down in any way.

The use of a hard helmet is required for the entire event and protective eyewear and gloves are highly recommended.

There will be approximately 70 guides throughout the group that can be identified by their cowhide pattern jerseys. Please follow their instructions at all times and allow them to pass if so requested so as to facilitate their job. Feel free to communicate with them regarding any doubts or issues that may arise.

Pay attention to the guides' instructions at all times, and do not stray from the marked out paths at any time or pass the member of the event team at the front of the daily event.

On sections of the event's stages that take place on roads that are open to motor vehicles, all rules of vehicle circulation must be strictly observed.

If for any reason you may feel the need to abandon a stage, this must be communicated to one of the guides or a member of the event management team.

When riding, respect at all times both other riders and any other users of the paths and trails. Remember that individuals on foot always have the right of way.

If at any time event management observes that any rider cannot keep up with the foreseen timetables, for reasons of safety their route may be altered. This change shall be considered mandatory and in such case participants will follow an alternate route and will be permanently accompanied by event guides, whose instructions must be heeded at all times.

Some of the areas included in the stages of the Volta are private property; paths that are normally closed to access that can only be used with the express permission of the owners. The management of the VOLTA MENORCA BTT has filed for and been granted all relevant permits to use these areas exclusively during the celebration of the Volta.


The bicycle is an essential component of the Volta Menorca BTT, and it is each rider's responsibility to bring an adequate bicycle considering the characteristics of the event, also making sure it is clean, tuned up, well lubricated and properly functioning in every way.

In addition to bicycles being in overall good condition, participants must also carry basic tools to make their own basic repairs without assistance from the event organisation (punctures, slipped chains, etc.).

Technical assistance during the Volta shall serve to handle more serious issues so that affected participants can continue and complete the event. Their services, however, do not include: repairing punctured tires; servicing, cleaning or lubricating bicycles; nor any repairs necessary before or after stages, as this technical assistance will only be available en route.

Because derailleur hangers vary from one bicycle to the next, we recommend you bring a spare one with you. Carrying two spares tyre tubes is also highly recommended.

The en route aid stations are complementary, although each participant is responsible for starting each stage with sufficient liquid provisions and having eaten sufficiently before each stage, as the event organisation shall only offer provisions at the foreseen locations.

The aid stations will have bins and/or bags for you rubbish, of different colours to facilitate selective waste sorting. Please use these correctly, following the instructions of our volunteer staff, separating your containers and being extra careful not leave any waste materials out of the bins or bags.


Participation in the Volta with an e-bike requires a placid riding style, controlling speeds throughout all legs of the course, and not occupying front positions of the group of cyclists in any of the programmed routes.

Although this is required of all participants, e-bike riders are especially encouraged to avoid skidding as much as possible, by gently braking during downhill sections, taking curves at lower speeds and avoiding loss of traction during climbs. And like all participants, e-bike riders must respect those highly vulnerable sections by walking their bicycles where so indicated.

Be sure to use tyres with a rim width no greater than 2.3” and the least aggressive tyre knob design possible.

E-bike batteries must be fully charged at the start of all stages. Also, check that they have sufficient charge capacity to complete the entire stage. Battery charging will not be available during the different stages.

Bear in mind that all stages include sections that cannot be cycled, even where bikes must be carried. All registered individuals must evaluate their participation aware that the following situations may occur:
- Walk up or down steps.
- Overcome extremely steep slopes that must be taken on foot.
- Cross over dry stone walls with built-in steps.
- Ride through extremely narrow and winding trails.

Like all riders, participation must involve a positive attitude and the clear awareness that our priority is to enjoy both the Menorcan landscapes and the great atmosphere that surrounds the Volta.


Participants shall be committed to respecting the natural environment, to avoid any type of littering, to respect and avoid damaging vegetation, to avoid startling wild animals and avoid any unnecessary screaming.

Riders must comply with any and all signage and other indications regarding environmental protection and safety posted along the course of the event.

Riders may only circulate on indicated paths and trails. It is strictly forbidden to stray from the established path.

On downhill slopes, reduce your speed and avoid excessive braking and skidding.

Extra care must be taken when riding through areas marked XARXA NATURA 2000 (Natura 2000 Network), staying on the trail at all times, keeping relatively quiet and avoiding skidding and riding through puddles.

You must always ride with respect for fellow cyclists and other possible road users. Keeping in mind that you must always give way to users on foot. This fact takes on special relevance during the passage of the stage on October 14, where it is circulated within the Natural Park of s'Albufera d´és Grau, as it is an area of special interest and very crowded in this time of year

When crossing an area signposted: ZONA NATURAL FRÀGIL (Vulnerable Natural Area), in addition to the aforementioned rules, only one rider may pass at a time, while also further reducing speed.

When this sign is visible (XXX), bicycles must be walked.

When crossing a beach, please stay as close to the sea as possible , where the waves normally wash over the sand. Be absolutely sure to walk your bicycles in dune systems and in areas of soft sand, which shall be marked by signage.

Please do not discard any type of waste in the natural environment, including organic waste (skins, peels, shells, etc.).

Penya Ciclista Ciutadella The President of the Penya Ciclista Ciutadella