Inscriptions 17 Volta Menorca BTT

REGISTRATION: starts on the 1st of May (maximum 500 participants)

This year, the Volta Menorca BTT is dedicated to the women of the world of cycling.

Our goal is to achieve at least 10% female participation, and to do so, we will be offering a special registration price for first time female participants whose registration stems from a direct recommendation from another participation in this year's event (through use of the registered participant's registration code).


The organisation's objectives include promoting, fostering and facilitating leisure cycling for one and all through participation in the VMBTT and the enjoyment of the island of Menorca.

New for this year, each stage will include two alternatives: the red option and the blue option

The red option is longer and more challenging. The blue option will be equally attractive, but will be somewhat shorter and easier, perfect for more novice bikers, e-bikes and for anyone who prefers to avoid the more extreme challenges of the red option.

With regard to stage departures, the same system of departure by groups will be maintained this year to avoid congestion and bottlenecks and improve the stage's flow.

Group VOLTA: This group will follow the blue option, average speed: 13 km/h.
Group MENORCA: This group will follow the red option, average speed: 15 km/h.
Group BTT: This group will follow the red option, average speed: 18 km/h.

For the smooth operation of the event and to allow you to enjoy it to the fullest, it is extremely important that you register for the group the best suits your abilities and intentions.

Riders under the age of 15 registered for the TRIAL STAGE are not affected by the “GROUP” concept; the registration form will require the selection of a group, but this selection will be of no consequence.

Registration requests take 2 to 3 days to appear on the list of registered participants

The jersey is included in the registration fee. check your size here
once received, size exchanges will NOT be available.

Payment method

Payment shall be made when making the reservation. Transactions will be made through the "CaixaBank" virtual Point of Sale and all data shall be transmitted securely through SSL.

Registration for trial stage (under 15 years old): 40.00 € Jersey: included

Registration under 15-18 years: 75.00 € Jersey: included
Registration over 18 years: 140.00 € Jersey: included

Men's cycling shorts 70.00 € optional
Women's cycling shorts 70.00 € optional
Cap 15.00 € optional
TRANSFER STAGE 2 17.00 € optional
TRANSFER STAGE 3 17.00 € optional


Starting on the 28nd of August, the price of the Volta will be €140 and we cannot ensure that you will receive your jersey in time for the Volta. We will do everything in our power, but we are conditioned by manufacturing time period restrictions. In any case, don't worry; if we can't get it to you while you are at the Volta, we will happily send it to your home address


• There will be no signature checkpoints. Departures and arrivals will be monitored by means of a chip found in the bicycle's bib number. It is hence extremely important for all participants to ride under the arches set up by the Island Council of Menorca, both at the starting and finish lines of each stage.

• Upon completion of the final stage in Mercadal, there will be a Pasta Party for all participants (food and drink) at the very site where the stage ends, which riders can join in as they finish the stage. Your invitation will be in the gift bag you receive when picking up your bib numbers.


• Accident insurance.
• Technical assistance en route.
• Medical care en route.
• Gift bag with bib number, bracelet, chip, etc.
• Commemorative GOBIK jersey.
• Signage and guidance en route.
• One aid station with food and a second one with drinks.
• Trophies for: Most Veteran Participant (m/f), Youngest Participant (m/f), Participant from Furthest Away, and Largest Menorcan and Non-Menorcan Groups.
• Pasta Party following the 3rd stage.
OPTIONAL (extra fee) - Transport (biker+bicycle) from Ciutadella to the 2nd and/or 3rd stages.
OPTIONAL (applicable fee) – GOBIK accessories that match the commemorative jersey.

Registration does not include:
- Transport from the airport or ferry to the 1st stage departure point.
- Spare parts for your bicycle.
- Technical assistance before or after stages.

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation of registration will be accepted until the 24th of September 2023, which allows for the reimbursement of 85% of amounts paid.

From the 25th of September 2023, no registration fees can be returned. We will happily send your jersey and bib number to your home address.

Request cancellation here by filling out the contact form

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