The VOLTA MENORCA BTT is a remarkably unique sporting event that differs from other events, placing the spotlight on the BTT (All-Terrain Bicycle). The event is always held on the Puente del Pilar holiday long weekend in Menorca.

The primary goal of the VOLTA is to be a celebration of the BTT, and the following are the ingredients that make the VOLTA MENORCA BTT a truly singular event:

It is a non-competitive event divided into three stages, each setting off from a different town. Participants must be in top physical shape as the stages are of a medium to high level of difficulty. In those years that the Pilar holiday does not result in a long weekend, the VOLTA begins on Friday with a night stage. At an event where the priority is to enjoy yourself, break a good sweat and meet and enjoy fellow participants, aspects such as timekeeping, teams and competition quickly become irrelevant.

The event is organized by volunteers and a non-profit organization: the Penya Ciclista Ciutadella. Over 100 people are involved in preparing the VOLTA, as well as public institutions and collaborating companies.

From its first editions, the VOLTA has taken pride in and prioritized respect for the natural environment. All necessary measures are hence taken regarding the exact itinerary of the stages and the conservation of the routes. For this reason, we will only allow a maximum of 500 participants, so as to avoid large groups and to facilitate traffic.

Yet another strong point of the event is found in the quality and quantity of provisions. Since its 9th edition, the VOLTA has concluded with a celebration that includes food.