Rules of the 13th Volta Menorca BTT

  1. All cycling enthusiasts age 15 and over (including those turning 15 years old in 2018) may participate.
  2. The VOLTA MENORCA BTT is not a competitive event and is authorized by the FCIB (Balearic Island Cycling Federation) and local relevant authorities.
  3. Any en route provisions will be at event management's expense.
  4. Participants must bring and use bicycles that are in adequate condition, as well as any basic tools that will allow for simple repairs (punctured tire, etc.), without need for assistance from event management. Event management will provide, however, a van and a mechanic for technical assistance for more serious issues that may occur during the stages, and spare parts will require payment. As derailleur hangers may differ by brand, we recommend you bring a spare.
  5. Use of a hard cycling helmet is required throughout the event.
  6. Participants must follow any instructions given by the Penya Ciclista Ciutadella cycling club at all times, must not stray for the marked paths at any time, and must not overtake the member of event management who opens the stage.
  7. On stretches of the stages that are on roads that are shared with motor vehicles, all rules and regulations of traffic must be strictly observed and respected.
  8. Participants must wear their bib numbers and badges provided by event management in a clearly visible fashion throughout the entirety of the stages.
  9. More experienced and higher level participants must exercise caution at all times with regards to other participants (especially on steeper downhill slopes).
  10. Upon signing the registration form, participants grant permission to the PCC to use their image in any format, graphic or digital.
  11. Participants shall show respect toward the natural environment, never leaving any waste behind, nor damaging any plant life, avoiding both unnecessarily startling wildlife and screaming.
  12. The mere fact of being registered for this even implies the full acceptance of these regulations.
  13. Participation of any cyclist who is not previously registered for this event is strictly prohibited.
  14. Event management shall not be responsible for any cyclists who are not at the starting line at the established time for signature control.
  15. Noncompliance with any of these rules shall authorize event management to exclude the infractor from the remainder of the event.
  16. Event management reserves the right to make any changes to the event's activities program it deems necessary to better carry out the event.


  • Bear in mind at all times that this is not a competitive race and our goal is to enjoy to the fullest the natural, scenic and human aspects of such.
  • Carry your cell phones with you at all times and program the numbers of the route director: 644.87.81.94 (Manel Mascaró) and the director of control and safety: 696.30.65.74 (Pere Ferrer).
  • Participants are required to fully comply with all signs and notices placed by the event organizers regarding environmental protection and safety.
  • Ride exclusively on the marked trail. Under no circumstances should you stray from the intended path.
  • On downhill slopes, reduce your speed and avoid excessive braking and skidding.
  • When riding through areas signposted as XARXA NATURA 2000, do not leave the marked path for any reason, stay as quiet as possible, and avoid skidding and creating ruts. In addition to these rules, when you see a sign that reads ZONA NATURAL FRÀGIL (Vulnerable Natural Area), you must also stay in a single file and reduce your speed.
  • Signal Whenever you see this symbol, bikes must be walked.
  • When crossing a beach, this shall be done as close as possible to the sea, where waves normally wash over the sand. Be absolutely sure to get off your bicycles when in dune systems or areas of soft sand, which will always be marked by signage.
  • Please bring along as much water as you may require and have a full breakfast before the stages, as provisions will only be found at the foreseen specified areas.
  • At the provisions stations, there will always be bags for discarding any waste you may have. They will be of various colors to facilitate selective collection and recycling. Do not throw or discard anything into the natural environment, including any organic waste (skins, peels, shells from fruit or nuts, etc.). If you should be carrying any wrapped food items, please write your bib number on them. Be sure to leave the surroundings as clean as how you found them.
  • Remember that the use of a hard helmet is required for the entire event and protective eyewear and gloves are highly recommended.
  • Keep your bicycle clean, tuned-up, well lubricated and in overall good condition. Under no circumstance should you lubricate your bicycle during the stage.
  • Carry basic tools with you and two spare tubes to repair punctures and carry out simple repairs. We also recommend carrying a spare derailleur hanger.
  • Do not mount tires with aggressive knobs and be sure that your tires have a high TPI level (at least 60 TPI).
  • Please do not prioritize being at the front of the pack, and leave sufficient distance between riders so as to better enjoy the more technical single tracks.
  • There will be approximately 70 guides riding throughout the group that can be identified by their cowhide pattern jerseys. Please follow their instructions at all times and allow them to pass if so requested so as to facilitate their job. Feel free to communicate with them for any doubts or problems that may arise.
  • On roads that are open to motor vehicles, you must follow all rules of circulation.
  • If any participant should decide to abandon a stage, they should communicate this fact to one of the guides or a member of event management.
  • When riding, respect at all times both other riders of this event as well as any other users of the paths. Remember that people on foot always have the right of way.
  • Show utmost respect towards the natural environment, leaving no type of waste behind whatsoever. Avoid damaging vegetation in any way and avoid startling animals by staying quiet and avoiding unnecessary screaming.
  • Technical assistance during the Volta shall serve to handle more serious issues so that affected participants can continue and complete the event. Their services, however, do not include: repairing punctured tires; servicing, cleaning or lubricating bicycles; nor any repairs necessary before or after stages. Any spare parts needed will require payment. This technical assistance will only be available en route.
  • If at any time event management observes that any participant cannot keep up with the foreseen timetables, for reasons of safety their route may be altered by the organization and they will be accompanied by event guides.
  • During the festivities of the closing ceremony several prizes will be raffled. Only registered participants in attendance shall qualify for the drawing.
  • Some of the areas included in the stages of the Volta are private property; paths that are normally closed to access that can only be used with the express permission of the owners. There are other areas that, due to their high level of protection, require administrative authorization for bicycle transit. Management of the 11th VOLTA A MENORCA BTT has processed and achieved all relevant permits to use these areas exclusively during the celebration of the Volta.
  • Do your very best to keep a positive attitude and stay in a good mood.

Penya Ciclista Ciutadella The President of the Penya Ciclista Ciutadella